Who is the digital SME Sustainability Check-up aimed at?
With around 600,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (with a maximum of 249 employees), SMEs form the backbone of the Swiss economy. SME owners understand the importance of sustainability – also known colloquially as “grandchild suitability” – in terms of gaining trust and enhancing the reputation of the company. However, concrete implementation in this area is often not a priority, especially because reliable partners with comprehensible, simple and effective solutions are lacking. This is where the tfy-consult team comes into play with the digital SME Sustainability Check-up. This check-up helps to combine the topic of sustainability with the corporate strategy and to take the first steps in the right direction with few but targeted recommendations.
How does the digital SME Sustainability Check-up work?
Company owners and other employees complete the online questionnaire, which takes approximately 30 minutes. The answers reflect the current situation of the company. This is compared with current, recognised findings and societal perceptions regarding sustainability. The most important results of the analysis are presented as recommendations on one to two A4 pages.
How are the social perceptions determined?
In order to define the societal importance of the different issues in the dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues, basic data was collected in cooperation with scientific (university students and professors), company (companies) and social actors (Mr and Ms Swiss). In this way, social patterns can be generated according to age and region of residence and used for comparisons.
Which costs should I expect?
The digital SME Sustainability Check-up, including recommendation and evaluation, costs CHF 5000. By booking a check-up, the company donates half (i.e. CHF 2500) of the total costs to a project of its choice on the platform

THERE-FOR-YOU.COM. In doing so, the company supports impactful projects in the areas of climate and animal protection, children’s or humanitarian aid – and has already done a good thing with this commitment to sustainability. Of course, the donation to the impactful donation platform is tax-exempt and the company receives a donation receipt for CHF 2500.
Digitaler KMU Checkup Nachhaltigkeit by tfy-Consult
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