Digital SME Sustainability Check-up

Finding and closing sustainability gaps.
Securing the future of SMEs.
Survey of 1,000 individuals on the sustainability dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues. The free social barometer shows which sustainability issues are highly valued by Swiss society.
Much more than just an analysis

We continuously collect data to reveal the gap between your company and societal demands.
Developed in cooperation with scientific partners: universities (e.g. Crowther Lab/ETH) and universities of applied sciences (e.g. HWZ).
Thanks to ongoing surveys and analyses, we can put the results from the check-up in the context of current societal perceptions.
SMEs thus receive recommendations with a clear focus on the most important fields of action.
The checkup includes the four dimensions of sustainability - organization, social, ecology and economy.
- Surveys among academics and students
- Survey by Intervista among the Swiss population
- Data from the completed checkups of companies

Sustainability is essential

SMEs are increasingly under pressure in terms of sustainability

of Swiss employees do not want to work for an employer who does not meet their standards for sustainability. (JobCloud, 2020)
of people in Switzerland want a wider range of sustainable food products in the retail industry. (Deloitte, 2021)
of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland consider it important that brands do not harm the environment or people. (Brandtrust, 2020)
The market for sustainable investments has again recorded double-digit growth in Switzerland (SSF 2020).

of the Swiss population would not consider an employer who does not implement principles of diversity and inclusion. (JobCloud Global Talent Study, 2020)
of Swiss companies deem sustainability as necessary for future viability. (Commerzbank Schweiz, 2020/21)

Three good reasons

Digital and simple
Fill out the questionnaire in approximately 30 minutes, at your own pace, from your office or home – simple and straightforward. You decide who and how many people in your company receive a link to the digital questionnaire.
Pragmatic implementation
We classify your SME in the context of societal perceptions – this immediately reveals the most urgent fields of action. You can start implementing our recommendations right away.
Doing a good deed
By booking a check-up, you automatically support a good cause: part of the fee goes to an impactful project of your choice on the neutral crowddonating platform Of course, you are free to communicate this aspect of the check-up as well!

What our clients say

  • Corine Blesi
    Managing Director of NZZ Connect
    “Thanks to the compact evaluation and the focus on three fields of action, it is easy to take the first steps and initiate measures for more sustainable company operations.”
  • Guido Trevisan
    CMO of Goldbach Group Ltd
    “The management survey has given us the certainty that our CSR strategy is broadly supported by Goldbach’s decision-makers – and can thus be further expanded on a sustainable foundation.”
  • Janine Meyerstein
    CEO Autop & Stützliwösch AG
    “30 minutes well invested! The check-up encourages management and employees to practise self-reflection and provides valuable input. Last but not least, you also support a good cause, which can be used for marketing purposes.”
  • Roman Schuler
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Management Zürich AG
    “Sustainability is a multi-layered topic. The check-up provided a simple and efficient way of holding up a mirror to ourselves. The pragmatic recommendations were a great added value.”
  • Delia Dünser
    Head of Participation & Market Development Swiss Handball Federation
    “The questionnaire has sharpened the senses of us as management, but also of our employees. Sustainability is more than just environmental protection. With the checkup, we were able to achieve an initial assessment of where we stand in order to further advance this important topic at Handball Schweiz. The results of the checkup offer great added value for the planning of our further activities.”
  • Lars Berger
    Lecturer at HWZ, Teacher of the year 2021
    “Through, the funds from the check-up were reinvested in a social project in the education sector. A classic win-win situation!”
  • Reto Branschi
    CEO of Destination Davos Klosters
    “If you are economically successful, you should also be attentive to ecological and social issues.”
  • Benjamin Meier
    Member of the Executive Board Meimo AG
    “The analysis helped us to shed light on the topic of sustainability from different perspectives and thus broaden our horizons. The clear recommendations for action also provide a good starting point for further engagement.”
  • Michel Wagner
    Managing Director Wagner Schriften AG
    “Sustainability is a topic that we have been addressing for a long time. With the compact evaluations of the checkup, we were able to further sensitise our employees and at the same time recognise potential that we can build on.”
  • Hansi Schmid
    Scientific Director Arosa Bear Sanctuary
    “Nature also regulates us humans sustainably. If we succeed in living and doing business sustainably, we prevent a human catastrophe. Making sustainability a concrete topic in companies promotes the urgently needed awareness.”
  • Christian Villiger
    Managing Director Industrial apprenticeships Switzerland libs
    “Sustainability is a key issue for young people. So it was clear for us to do the survey and we received valuable and practical recommendations. A great thing, concise and inspiring.”
  • Martin Gartmann
    “Sustainability makes an important contribution to the further development of a company. This includes the different perspectives of economic growth, environmental sustainability as well as social security, which should be equally considered. UMB recognises this responsibility and continuously designs new initiatives to improve sustainability in the company.
    The SME Checkup questionnaire raises the awareness of the entire team and clarifies the complexity of the topic of sustainability. The evaluations show in an understandable and simple way in which areas there is further potential for optimisation and how this can be tackled as a company. Thanks to the analysis, we can now draw up concrete action plans with the involvement of all our colleagues. This helps us to constantly improve.”

Three simple steps

Book online
Fill out digitally
Receive recommendations for action

Free status assessment appointment

For anyone who wants to know more or has questions

Our experienced and pragmatic sustainability champions are happy to answer your questions. Within an efficient 30-minute online meeting, you will receive first-hand information on the three dimensions of sustainability. This gives you an initial feel for where you currently stand on the topic.
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